Revenue Management

Marriott CEO addresses lawsuit over controversial resort fees

Jul 15, 2019 / Marriott

With the long-held practice of charging customers a resort fee being investigated, the lawsuit will have repercussions across the industry.

Sorenson said, in an interview with LinkedIn Editor in Chief Dan Roth over the weekend, the lawsuit was “frustrating” because “we’ve been talking to the Attorneys General of many states for a number of years. D.C. withdrew, sort of at the last minute, and decided to make a bigger test case out of it. We’ll obviously fight it, we think it’s wrong. It’s well disclosed, and we’ll go through it.”

“You’ve got resort fees in hotels, baggage fees in airlines. None of us as consumers necessarily love it. What we’ve tried to do is be very transparent with disclosure,” Sorenson told LinkedIn. “Because from the first moment – when resort fees were first started a decade ago – they were a way of saying let’s fold in the waterfront, paddleboard rental, or the bike rental, or other things that are a part of the package.

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Business Travel

BCD Travel unveils new version of TripSource app

Jul 15, 2019 / BCD Travel
BCD Travel
BCD Travel

TripSource allows travellers to securely shop, book and manage all aspects of their trip experience directly from their mobile device.

The app will now include self-service features, pre-trip planning and booking, improved design and navigation and will be made available to all travellers in mid-July 2019 in over 113 countries and in five languages.

With over one million travellers using TripSource, the goal was to reimagine the app experience. The new app had to accommodate more functionality and scale for an ever-changing industry while maintaining the user experience, positive reviews and ratings, the company said.


Trivago hires chief for hotel searches

Jul 15, 2019 / Trivago

The company hired James Carter as its chief product and technology officer heading the company’s hotel search division.

Carter, with 14 years of experience in the travel tech industry, most recently worked at Google selling hotel ads products.

Carter said Trivago’s culture of encouraging new and improved ways of thinking attracted him as it intends to “drive product innovation and deliver even more value to our partners and users.”


How Delta’s loyalty offering is improving its direct bookings

Jul 15, 2019 / Delta

A decade ago around a third of Delta Air Lines tickets were sold via online travel agencies. That amount today is somewhere between 10 and 15 percent, and CEO Ed Bastian only sees it continuing that way.

Airlines, hotels, and tour operators that were once happy to have intermediaries distribute their products are looking at new ways to entice customers back into the fold.

Delta’s tactic in this battle is an improved loyalty offering. Earlier this year it signed a new contract with American Express, worth an estimated $7 billion a year by 2023. Loyalty revenues grew 19 percent to $1.2 billion in the quarter, including around $100 million benefit from the American Express deal.

“Our strategy has been to build something that consumers want to buy and let them chose how they buy it and that’s led to a continuation of a migration towards Delta direct channels and Delta loyal customers and I think that’s how we see the landscape continuing to evolve,” said Delta President Glen Hauenstein.

Digital Marketing

How one travel brand used search to redirect its route to success

Jul 15, 2019 / Search

When Celebrity Cruises realized its new website wasn’t delivering the results it had hoped for, it knew it had to rethink its strategy.

Last year the travel brand doubled down on search marketing and focused on granular audience segments. With the help of machine learning via Google’s bid strategies and a new ability to customize creative for ad groups across thousands of keywords, the cruise brand redirected its route toward success.

In fact, for the first half of the year, Celebrity Cruises drove 140% more revenue year over year and saw its conversion rates nearly double, up by 98% year over year.