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Sabre survey reveals top traveler trends in Asia Pacific

Oct 17, 2019 / Asia Pacific

Looking towards 2020, here are 5 key trends revealed by leisure travel consultants from over 24 countries across the world’s fastest-growing region, Asia Pacific.

With more content for travelers to choose than ever before, it can sometimes be difficult to cut through the clutter. This means that travel agents are more relevant than ever before, acting as strategic allies for travelers on a quest to book the best fare, and holiday.

Travel professionals reveal that those aged between 35-50 make up close to 60% of their customer base, proving that despite the rise of online platforms meant to facilitate personal bookings, there’s nothing quite like having a professional to help enhance the booking experience.

What’s more, a whopping 3 in 5 respondents indicate that personalized requests are the main reason why customers reach out, allowing them to create unique packages that reflect each traveler’s needs.

Market Data

UK: Three distinct personas of package holiday bookers

Oct 17, 2019 / UK

New research from Microsoft has revealed that there are three distinct personas of package holiday bookers – the quick converters (purchased in one day), browsers (purchased in a month) and cautious converters (purchased in over a month).

The new study also highlights a decisiveness among British consumers to travel amid uncertainty, as 33% of package holidays were purchased in a single day, while 63% of holidays were purchased within a month over the study period (May-July 2019).

Audience marketing strategies such as re-marketing and in-market audiences will be essential in the future as package holiday businesses begin to recognize and reach the diverse audiences interested in package holidays

Business Travel

CWT Meetings & Events says sustainability key for events in 2020

Oct 17, 2019 / CWT

As activists protest in some of the world’s best-known destinations demanding action on climate change, companies are increasingly taking notice.

In response, companies and meeting planners are adopting various initiatives, including offsetting air miles with carbon, eliminating plastic waste, opting for locally-sourced and produced food and drinks, or choosing ethical suppliers.

As consumers and employees around the world seek out companies and brands that reflect their values, major international initiatives such as the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are helping to drive home the message that, in 2020 and beyond, sustainability and responsible business are no longer just a feel-good item on HR’s agenda but have real consequences for a company’s brand and bottom line.

CWT M&E: The Future of Sustainable Events

Products & Services

Are full-service hotels a thing of the past?

Oct 17, 2019 / Hotel Design

The full-service model is encountering new threats in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Full-service hotels have long been a model of high performance, outperforming the rest of the U.S. hotel industry in nearly every conceivable benchmark for decades. But the tide has been turning in recent years, as soft brands and boutique hotels continue to claw out their positions of prominence.

Fueling this change is a shift in traveler preference away from high-touch service and toward the unique, local, and authentic. In part, soft-brand and boutique hotels are satisfying this need, and demand for these hotel options has surged in recent years.

Digital Marketing

Facebook launches new Holiday Marketing Insights Guide

Oct 17, 2019 / Facebook

To help boost your holiday marketing process, Facebook recently published its 2019 Holiday Marketing Guide, which outlines a range of stats and insights to help improve your approach.

Facebook outlines six key holiday marketing trends of note for 2019, including the rise of Stories, messaging, and other key consumption trends.

The usage of Stories and messaging is a big focus, with Facebook providing a range of tips to help brands maximize their Stories usage for their seasonal promotions.

Stories usage is on the rise, and with new tools like Facebook's recently announced Stories templates, there are more ways than ever for brands to incorporate Stories into their broader digital marketing approach.

Download: Facebook's 2019 Holiday Marketing Guide