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Hotel marketers share five top meetings trends for 2019

Mar 18, 2019 / Trends

Hotel meetings are focusing more on wellness, sustainability, philanthropy, authenticity and locally sourced F&B.

Meeting planners and their clients are exhibiting a growing preference for events-hosting hotels that demonstrate a commitment to the environment and philanthropy, while also offering a deep selection of health and wellness amenities, hyper-local experiences and farm-to-table cuisine.

These trends represent a significant move away from technological and audio-visual bells and whistles that have been deemed vital in the past, sources said.

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Digital hotel marketing, data security must go hand in hand

Mar 18, 2019 / Data Security

Changes in digital marketing require hotels to increase security for guest privacy and to avoid a data breach.

Personalization in the hotel industry via digital marketing is no longer a trend; it is an obligation. Personalized content marketing not only costs less than traditional marketing, it also generates about three times as many leads.

Social media and e-commerce continue to drive our industry toward personalization, and as a result, data protection, privacy rights and overall business-to-consumer transparency has become a significant focus. This personalized digital marketing strategy now comes with risks and necessitates safeguards.

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Best Western’s new corporate brand signals big changes

Mar 18, 2019 / BWH Hotel Group
BWH Hotel Group
BWH Hotel Group

BWH Hotel Group? That’s Best Western’s new corporate identity, designed to build its new image as a chain that can offer everything from mid-market to luxury.

BWH combines the initials of Best Western and WorldHotels, which Best Western acquired fully a month ago.

It is significant not only because it will replace the Best Western corporate identity that has been around since 1966 (although the chain was founded in 1946) but because it marks its evolution from a mid-market player to one that offers, for the first time, upper upscale and luxury segments.

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Hotel meetings negotiations: Four quick tips for buyers

Mar 18, 2019 / Meeting Planners

It works. Hotel sales managers live by it, and meeting planning teams use it to score the best prices on meetings and events: hotel negotiations.

Despite best efforts, though, many buyers fail to get results. They show up at the bargaining table having done all their homework but walk away emptyhanded. Is it because they aren’t trained as negotiators but are facing off with hotel sales veterans, who take classes with names like Negotiating to Win?

Maybe, but the problem also runs deeper. For a new generation of meeting buyers, conventional negotiating methods are fundamentally flawed.

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Important skills for modern marketers

Mar 18, 2019 / Customer Acquisition

Within a single generation, marketing has been transformed by technology, the Web, and social media.

But those have had a profound impact not only on the skills marketers need possess but also on the audiences they attempt to reach on behalf of brands and companies.

Small business owners and entrepreneurs, not just marketers, have to continually update their skills if they are to be any position to engage the next generation of consumers while harnessing the power of evolving technologies.