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Marriott introduces dynamic pricing for Bonvoy award bookings

Aug 18, 2019 / Marriott
Marriott International
Marriott International

Marriott is set to make significant changes to the way that its Bonvoy loyalty members pay for award nights with points.

Starting in September, the program will move to a dynamic model that prices awards across three tiers as a function of demand. In the peak season or when a hotel is otherwise busy, members will pay 14–33 percent more for an award night. On the other hand, off-peak discounts in the equivalent amount will be applied when hotel traffic is light.

Marriott’s move comes in the midst of a global industry trend in which travel industry loyalty programs are moving toward dynamic pricing in selling award seats or nights.

Marriott: Bonvoy Redemption Card


What’s next for Google’s expansion into vacation rentals?

Aug 18, 2019 / Google

Google is constantly improving its offering, so it wouldn’t be a stretch to imagine that Google could open up the Book on Google addition of Hotel Ads for rentals.

This option would certainly improve the customer experience, and, according to Google, this option also increases booking conversion rates.

With the Book on Google model, Google in effect becomes more of the intermediary to facilitate bookings, rather than just a gatepost to provide information. It certainly isn’t an OTA either as it doesn’t become the merchant of record. But, friction through the booking process would be avoided, as would possible customer leaks towards a different property or booking platform.

Market Data

Solo travel becoming the preferred travel category

Aug 18, 2019 / Expedia

Data from Expedia’s first Solo Travel Report reveals 60% of travelers plan to take a solo trip in the next year, proving travelers want more flexibility, convenience, and autonomy from their vacations.

When given the ultimatum to choose between their mobile phone or a travel companion to bring on their next trip, one-third (33 percent) of Americans said they would choose to travel solo with just their device.

Two-thirds of respondents agree they prefer the freedom of traveling alone and meeting new people over the desire to have a vacation companion. Younger travelers (83 percent of Gen Z and 80 percent of Millennials) are especially likely to agree. Less than 40 percent of the respondents Expedia surveyed identified themselves as parents, and of those, nearly all of them (82 percent) agree they too would prefer to travel alone.

Data Protection

Apple will soon treat web tracking the same as a security vulnerability

Aug 18, 2019 / Data Security

Apple is taking a hard stance on online privacy with a new anti-tracking policy in Safari.

The iPhone maker has published a “WebKit Tracking Prevention Policy” that goes into specifics about the types of anti-tracking methods it has developed, the practices it believes are harmful to users, and the unintended consequences of those preventive countermeasures.

Viewed in that light, the new policy is an extension of this privacy-by-design paradigm. It seeks to prevent all forms of covert tracking methods, failing which it will ask for the user’s informed consent before allowing tracking.

Apple: WebKit Tracking Prevention Policy


Guide: 6 keys to decoding the guestprint

Aug 18, 2019 / Cendyn (sponsored)

How to give your guests what they want by knowing them well.

Your guests are unique. Their passions, journeys, and personality traits push them beyond easily defined demographics. In the age of “customer-first” and machine learning, guests expect hotels to service and communicate based on subtle nuances and details.

Guests expect these messages in the channels they prefer and will ignore messages that don’t resonate or that appear irrelevant, tone-deaf, or untargeted.