Amazon now sells flight tickets in India

May 19, 2019 / Amazon

Amazon has partnered with local travel service ClearTrip to add a flight-booking option to its payment service - Amazon Pay - in India.

The addition of plane ticketing underscores Amazon’s growing interest in expanding its payment service in India, which is both one of its fastest-growing markets and a country it uses to test new ideas.

Amazon’s interest in a flight-ticketing option in India should also help its partner ClearTrip gain a larger foothold in the nation. The company competes with giant MakeMyTrip, Booking.com and Google.

The push comes as many local companies in India and those that operate in the nation begin to mold their apps into so-called super apps.


TripAdvisor to woo advertisers outside travel and hospitality

May 19, 2019 / TripAdvisor

The company is planning to use the depth of information it has learned about its consumers to attract advertisers beyond travel and hospitality marketers.

Late last year, it hired Lindsay Nelson, a media executive formerly with Vox, as president of core experience - in charge of marketing and platform experience. More recently, the brand tapped Christine Maguire as VP of advertising revenue, a new position, from Condé Nast.

“As an information platform, we know a whole lot about what travelers want,” says Nelson, noting details like income bracket, geography, demographics. “Our objective is to continue to build out a consumer experience that is deeply personalized,” she added, noting that such engagement can be monetized by a “premium advertising business.”


Brent Hoberman: Travel firms have no excuse for not innovating

May 19, 2019 / OTAs

Speaking at Phocuswright Europe in Amsterdam this week, Hoberman said he is “hugely disappointed” by the lack of innovation that has taken place since the 2000s.

Hoberman was talking about personalisation in 2000. “What’s happened since then is those pipe dreams I put out should have been realised because then it was really hard to do. “I did not have the data and machine learning to do personalisation. Today there are no excuses.”

Hoberman suggested innovation may have been stifled by some of the large incumbents in travel who have grown and done very well without the need to be particularly innovative.

Market Data

Positive outlook for China’s outbound tourism industry

May 19, 2019 / China

At the third ITB China held in Shanghai, Jane Sun, CEO of Ctrip said that she is confident about the robust growth outlook for outbound Chinese tourism even in the face of skepticism from other industry players.

According to statistics from China’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the number of outbound trips by Chinese citizens reached almost 150 million in 2018, maintaining China’s status as the country with the largest number of outbound tourists and representing a 14.7% increase from the year before. During the recent four-day Labor Day holiday, as many as 4 million Chinese traveled internationally.

Furthermore, Ctrip’s data revealed a new trend of growing numbers of tourists from third and fourth tier cities going abroad. Over the holiday, Chinese tourists visited 903 destinations in more than 90 countries via group tours, independent trips and customized tours.

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Expedia: Getting started with sponsored listings for hotels

May 19, 2019 / Expedia

By using advanced targeting capabilities, Expedia TravelAds helps your hotel increase visibility and connect with travelers during the path to purchase.

Catching the attention of travel shoppers can be a challenge in today's increasingly saturated market. Whether it’s a prime location, stellar deal, or striking ambiance, you want your hotel's unique appeal to stand out against the competition.

Expedia TravelAds is an easy-to-use yet sophisticated sponsored listing program that can help you achieve just that.

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A new way of thinking about your PMS: the API first approach

May 19, 2019 / apaleo (sponsored)

Legacy PMSs make it difficult and costly to connect all systems. Even some modern, cloud-based PMSs aren’t developed in a way that makes connectivity as easy and painless as it should be.

So how does a PMS make your hotel tech as simple to manage as the apps on your smartphone? It must disrupt. It must rethink the way the entire product is developed. And that begins with an API first approach.

API stands for Application Programming Interface (stay with me here...) and it allows systems to communicate with each other much more intelligently than has ever been possible before.

Digital Marketing

Conversion rate optimization: the most important factors your hotel needs to know about


Your conversion rate is affected by an array of factors, some of which may be familiar to you, but others you might not be aware of.

Put simply, your conversion rate is the percentage of people who visit your website and complete the desired goal. That goal might be booking a room, reading a blog post, or submitting contact information.

To help improve your conversion rate on any goal, you need to first understand the two key areas that can affect it: conversion rate is dependent on your strategy, and conversion rate fluctuates depending on a host of external factors.