Market Data

U.S. hotel industry's growth streak faltered in September

Oct 20, 2019 / USA

September occupancy for U.S. hotels declined 0.9 percent year over year to 67.4 percent, according to STR, while revenue per available room dropped 0.3 percent to $88.91.

Only average daily rate grew, though by just 0.6 percent to $131.93. "The second month this year with a negative result points to a continued slowdown for the U.S. hotel industry," said STR SVP of lodging insights Jan Freitag.

"Demand only grew 1.2 percent, not strong enough to overcome a 2 percent increase in supply, so occupancy declined for the third time this year."

Market Data

Virtuoso: Today's travelers want accommodations that reflect the destination

Oct 20, 2019 / Luxury Travel

The Virtuoso Luxe Report unearthed six trends highlighting how upscale globetrotters continue to assert their influence in the travel-sphere for 2020.

Travelers in 2020 are seizing the day and prioritizing trips now, powered by the belief that customized experiences are the best investment of their money and time, according to the latest Virtuoso Luxe Report.

"Carpe diem" travel is fueling the desire to savor as many new destinations and exciting experiences as possible in more authentic ways.

While travelers still want to journey in comfort, the new definition of luxury is personalized adventures shared with family and friends.


Turkish court sets conditions to lift ban

Oct 20, 2019 /

A Turkish court ruled Friday that fare aggregator had engaged in widespread unfair competitive practices.

The court ruled that the defendants contained provisions causing unfair competition in their contracts with hotels regarding "Wide MFN," "Price and Quota Parity," "Minimum Allocation" and "Best Price Guarantee."

Also, the court detected that the Booking also featured advertisements on their website that caused unfair competition.

Digital Marketing

The future of marketing is conversational

Oct 20, 2019 / Conversational UI

The growth of both live chat and automated chatbots have enabled brands to offer round the clock, personalized, 1:1 assistance to each and every customer.

These conversational marketing approaches take the traditionally one-directional marketing channels like websites, sales pages, and even social media, and turn them into two-way dialogues.

They allow the user to interact in real-time with a brand. Consumers can explain what they need and get a relevant, valuable answer in seconds. And all under their own guidance.


apaleo expands to Asia after signing new hotel chain

Oct 20, 2019 / apaleo (sponsored)

Full service Indonesian chain Dialoog Hotels has announced that it will be moving away from its current property management system and switching to apaleo.

With rapid growth planned for the brand, Dialoog Hotels realized it was time to review their technology stack in order to keep up with the fast-changing pace of today’s guest needs.

When searching for a new PMS, the company’s goals were clear: find an easy-to-use, easy-to-set-up, easy-to-connect PMS which will push the boundaries and constantly add value to the guest experience, whether by providing a better mobile journey or freeing up staff to give better service.