Booking.com relaxes keyword bidding clause with hotels

Jul 22, 2019 / Booking.com

Booking.com has altered its contract with hotel partners so that owners and chains now have the ability to bid freely on brand terms in Google.

Previously, hotels were restricted via their General Delivery Terms with the online travel agency on bidding on certain keywords, such as "booking.com" and other trademarked terms on Google AdWords and generic search terms.

In a letter sent to hoteliers last week, Booking.com says: "We removed the bidding restrictions from our agreement with you. This means you're free to bid on Booking.com via online search engines if you want, which aligns with a recent EU (European Union) ruling.

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Marriott’s Airbnb-like service gets a rebrand

Jul 22, 2019 / Marriott
Marriott International
Marriott International

Marriott is jumping the bandwagon as it launches its own home-sharing platform similar to Airbnb and HomeAway - Homes & Villas by Marriott International.

The brand is essentially a rebrand of Marriott’s Tribute Portfolio Homes, a pilot brand that started in London in 2018, and since expanded to Paris, Rome and Lisbon.

The brand will comprise more than 2,000 vacation rental properties in the United States, Europe, the Caribbean and Latin America. Marriott hopes this foray into alternative accommodation appeals to their loyal customer base and encourages them to book such stays with Marriott instead of competing brands.

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The latest evolution in business travel: Personalization

Jul 22, 2019 / AI

Data analysis in travel is nothing new, but advances in data science are having a transformative effect on the industry and an individual traveler’s experience.

The data science that delivers AI, ML, and predictive analytics is changing the corporate travel experience. It enables an optimal business-trip-as-business-process. At a high level, this works through the capacity to personalize the travel experience.

Planning a business trip and getting organized for it can be time-consuming. The personalization possible with AI and ML eases the planning and organizing processes. For example, the platform knows what I want from my previous history and the other data streams it consumes. It will suggest a hotel I will probably like, a car rental company that my peers say is reliable and so forth.

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Internet advertising to grow at slowest rate since 2001 dotcom bust

Jul 22, 2019 / Advertising

Sector to be outpaced next year by cinema ads as big companies raise fears over digital scandals.

The internet is about to lose its mantle as the fastest-growing sector of the global advertising market for the first time in two decades, as brands seeking risk-free space to spend their ad budgets turn to traditional media such as cinema, billboards and poster sites.

Major companies have expressed their concerns over digital scandals - such as Cambridge Analytica, “fake news” and ads appearing next to inappropriate YouTube videos such as extremist material - putting pressure on internet platforms.

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6 clever ways to encourage more direct bookings

Jul 22, 2019 / TrustYou (sponsored)

Small details that are easily overlooked can be turned into solid strategies of encouraging direct bookings - if you have the necessary insights.

As a hotelier, the biggest struggle standing between you and direct bookings is the traveler booking behavior, which can be adjusted and changed through your efforts.

#BookDirect campaigns ensure that you reach your clients and prospects through various marketing means while educating the benefits you offer for those who book direct.

These type of campaigns should emphasize the fact that, through the completion of direct bookings on the brand website, travelers get the best possible rate.