Booking.com debuts new 'Be A Booker' ad campaign

Feb 25, 2019 / Booking.com

The company debuted a dynamic new ad campaign empowering consumers to get off their social media feeds and actually 'BE A BOOKER' themselves.

With a travel industry full of talkers, Booking.com is staking a claim to being the travel company for "The Bookers. The Doers. The 'hit that confirmation button and let's go!'ers!" Creating a community of 'bookers', Booking.com aims to remove any excuses and inspire consumers to put down their phones and pick up their boarding passes.

The integrated campaign will debut on a national level February 25 across TV, including primetime, and online channels.

The spots: Booking.com - Be a Booker.

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Best Western CEO on how WorldHotels buy fits strategy

Feb 25, 2019 / Best Western
Best Western Hotels & Resorts
Best Western Hotels & Resorts

David Kong expects his company’s acquisition will allow WorldHotels’ membership to double, while offering a positive “halo effect” to current Best Western members.

That will happen via integration of Best Western’s technology and sales and marketing platforms, and access to Best Western’s regional offices and relationships, Kong said.

He pointed out WorldHotels’ competitors, including Preferred Hotels & Resorts and Leading Hotels of the World, and said that what Best Western brings to the table from the technology, sales and marketing and loyalty standpoints will give WorldHotels an edge.

WorldHotels properties will have access to Best Western’s regional offices, Kong said, as well as resources to supplement revenue management and sales and marketing efforts, as well as OTA negotiations.

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How outbound Chinese travelers book, spend

Feb 25, 2019 / China

Every hotel company is aiming to secure its share of Chinese travelers, but to be successful, hotel sales departments must understand Chinese travel patterns and booking windows.

At the recent Gulf & Indian Ocean Hotel Investors’ Summit during a session on Chinese travel trends, Carmen Hui, global commercial director of owner partnerships, Booking.com, said Chinese consumers plan their trips differently.

“China has two longer holidays that last a week and a few shorter ones that last three days, and if you do not know this diary you will miss that opportunity,” Hui said. “And understand the (Chinese travelers’) pre-planning calendar or you might as well not have a China policy.”


Top users help HotelTonight fine-tune booking app

Feb 25, 2019 / HotelTonight

Every few months, HotelTonight invites top users to visit its offices and participate in roundtable discussions.

The regular sessions have turned into drivers of change at HotelTonight, including the latest addition to its repertoire: the ability to book multiple rooms at a hotel.

HotelTonight introduced multiroom booking this month as a response to customer booking behavior. The company found that about 3.5% of its bookings were for multiple rooms in the same hotel for the same night and were made through sequential bookings.


Guest personalization: What it is, and what it is not

Feb 25, 2019 / Guest Experience

There’s nothing that makes a stay feel less personalized than poor attempts at personalization.

There is a huge disconnect between what too many leaders believe personalization is all about and the reality of what it feels like when one experiences it.

Guest personalization is not: Sending a generic text message saying “Welcome to the hotel. How is your room?” Using an email template listing “local area attractions”; making an intrusive phone call while I am busy unpacking to ask “How is your room sir, good?”

Attempts at personalization such as these generate about as many “warm fuzzies” as the “Happy Birthday” texts and emails we get from our doctor, dentist and auto dealership.


Six game changing tech trends in 2019

Feb 25, 2019 / Fuel Travel (sponsored)

Guess what? It’s no longer the “Year of Mobile”. Here are some of the real trends that you should be paying attention to in 2019.

Voice search goes mainstream: How people interact with technology is fundamentally shifting. It won’t be long before we are living in a world where a combination of voice and an adaptive touch screen is the prefered method of controlling our computing devices.

On-property guest experience technology: We’ve now got self-serve kiosks, properties testing real-time translation devices, robots that do everything from delivering room service and carrying luggage, to actually talking to guests and checking them in.

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Ten criteria for driving revenue with pop-ups

Feb 25, 2019 / Triptease (sponsored)

Timely pop-ups can have a great impact on your booking engine conversion rate.

Before creating your campaign, decide at which stage of the booking process you want your website visitor to see it. The more you know about your guest’s booking behaviour, the better you will be able to convert them.

For most hotels, it takes 21 days on average for the guest's journey from the first website visit to booking. Taking this data into consideration can help you evaluate the success of your campaigns.