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Companies fall short on traveller wellness

Mar 25, 2019 / BCD Travel

New research reveals that traveller wellness and satisfaction are the third-highest priority among corporate travel managers, but many companies fail to give it priority.

A survey of 53 travel managers from around the world conducted by BCD Travel found traveller wellbeing came in just after cost control and duty of care as a priority.

Seventy-two per cent of respondents named talent attraction and retention as the top reason why traveller wellbeing is vital. However, while 55 per cent of those polled said their companies have an employee wellness programme in place, only 11 per cent designed a programme specifically for travellers.

Business Travel

What to consider when preparing for a hotel RFP

Mar 25, 2019 / Egencia

Technology has changed the way travel managers approach requests for proposal. Access to data has helped to make negotiations simpler and more transparent.

As a travel manager, you don’t need to approach a request for proposal (RFP) with armfuls of information, but there are key metrics you’ll want on hand. Be prepared with insights on how the current travel program is measuring up. Include details like the hotel chain’s share of wallet, new destinations with no negotiated hotels, and overall hotel spend.

When negotiating an RFP, you must consider a variety of factors which depend on what’s important to your company. Identify frequently visited cities, distance to your office, the average length of hotel stays and the most popular amenities.

Since policy compliance is a priority for travel managers, it’s important to know these things about your hotel program. That way, you can remove options in less-visited areas or figure out why your travelers aren’t staying in preferred hotels.

Revenue Management

RevPAR vs. GOPPAR and why we need a new champ

Mar 25, 2019 / Analytics

To better and more consistently deliver profit at different revenue points, hotels need to deploy and support tools to assist their leaders in delivering superior financial results.

They need to educate their managers to not only be able to look after their guests and colleagues, but also to teach them to be on top of their numbers.

Here is the short list of four must-haves at your disposal going forward inside your hotel's financially engaged leadership team if you want to be out in front of that storm that's coming.

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Google’s new hotel booking site: Just the facts

Mar 25, 2019 / Google Hotels

Alongside Google’s handy flight tool, consumers can now make hotel reservations right through Google Hotel Search.

The new hotel booking tool allows consumers to adjust available hotel options based on location, dates, number of guests, amenities and price range. Consumers are able to view hotels’ highlights – complete with photos and reviews – to help them decide on reservations.

When consumers use the “Deals” filter on Google Hotel Search, Google’s machine learning can help them find Google partner hotels that offer lower rates than others in the area.

Consumers can also track hotel prices, monitoring when rates increase and decrease, just as they can their flight prices, before they book. Plus, if consumers haven’t yet decided on destinations, they can view flights and hotels for multiple different locations based on price and departing city.

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Customer experience is biggest opportunity for marketers

Mar 25, 2019 / Guest Experience

39% of marketers believe that optimizing the customer experience is the biggest opportunity for businesses in 2019.

The importance of good customer experience is hard to deny. Offering good CX helps to increase traffic and conversions, as well as the number of customers who return to your brand and talk positively about it.

With there being so many benefits to improving customer experience, it’s no wonder that it is seen by marketers as a great opportunity. In fact, it is the single most exciting opportunity for organizations in 2019, according to the latest Digital Trends report from Econsultancy and Adobe.

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Digital Marketing

You want those Millennial travelers? Here's how to get them.

Mar 25, 2019 / apaleo (sponsored)

Maybe you’re getting sick of hearing about millennial travelers but sit tight because they still matter - a lot.

Millennials take more annual leisure trips than any other generation, and they’ll soon be among the most profitable group of family travelers. Further, they are the largest age segment of business travelers now, with 56% saying they (shockingly) create reasons to travel for work, according to Forbes.

Millennials are not as brand loyal as older generations, but they also like consistency, according to Expedia. So loyalty isn’t out of the questions, especially when there are perks. And they love a good deal because they want to be traveling more.

Digital Marketing

Put a spring in your SEO strategy

Mar 25, 2019 / Net Affinity (sponsored)

As with everything in this industry, practises change and update rapidly all the time, so to be constantly learning is key.

As the old saying goes though, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Image optimisation works essentially the same way it did a decade ago - new algorithms have been introduced that penalise the misuse of keywords, but aside from that the basic principles have stayed the same.

How long has content been a buzzword for now? OK, forever, but its importance as an unwavering, necessary component of your marketing mix only grows by the day. SEO and content, like any of the legendary couples throughout history, need each other.