The hotel experience gets high-tech

Oct 28, 2019 / Guest Experience

Guests can check-in via phone and even choose their own room as hotels get a digital makeover.

Hotels have long promised guests they won't have to lift a finger. Now some are reaching to technology for those light-touch - and even no touch - experiences to keep guests coming back. All over the world hotels have been racing towards clever devices, robots and voice assistants.

As tourists criss-cross the world in increasing numbers, these services are seen as a way to keep globetrotters coming back for more. Big hotel groups especially are finding state-of-the-art technology provides guests both instant gratification and greater control over their experience.

Products & Services

Transformation of Sheraton renews interest in brand

Oct 28, 2019 / Sheraton Hotels & Resorts

Marriott’s vision for the Sheraton brand is to reinforce it as a gathering space.

To date, approximately 82 of the 191 Sheraton hotels in North America are undergoing some type of renovation. In total, Sheraton is Marriott’s most geographically diverse brand, and its third largest in terms of rooms (more than 155,000) and fees.

The global pipeline for new hotels is at 85, with much of the new hotels coming out of Europe and China, Adenaw said.


Duffel wants to disrupt travel industry

Oct 28, 2019 / Duffel

Similar to how fintech companies connect the fragmented world of finance and payments, Duffel brings airlines together so that travel agents can offer an end-to-end experience for their clients.

Duffel has just announced that it secured $30 million (nearly €27 million) Series B funding in a round led by Index Ventures, which backs the Dutch fintech Adyen, apart from Slack and Dropbox. The existing investors such as Blossom Capital and Benchmark Capital.

Founded in 2017 by Steve Domin, Tom Bates, and Vincent Pastor, the British travel tech startup will use this investment to launch its innovative new booking platform with the world’s biggest airlines such as Lufthansa Group, American Airlines, Aegean Airlines, British Airways, Vueling, and Iberia.

Digital Marketing

Google says its new AI-powered search update is a ‘huge step forward’

Oct 28, 2019 / Google

The shift moves the world’s biggest search engine from spitting out results based on keywords to “something closer to language.”

Google has no peers in web search. But improvements to its core search technology are critical for keeping an edge in adjacent areas, primarily voice-computing, where Google competes with Amazon.

The new system relies on a Google artificial intelligence tool designed to parse long, complicated sentences, rather than just strings of words. In tests, Google executives said it produced far more precise results.

Revenue Management

IDeaS to release hotel revenue management buyer's guide

Oct 28, 2019 / IDeaS (sponsored)

The guide provides key industry and business considerations to help position hoteliers to make informed, smarter and, ultimately, more profitable decisions.

Hospitality and travel industry outlook – The worldwide hotel industry is in the midst of a major transformation. Understanding a hotel’s demand, market and distribution environment has become more complex than ever before, and this data-dense reality has made it nearly impossible for hotel revenue managers to manually crunch the numbers accurately and efficiently.

Key Considerations – Knowing what to look for and who to trust are imperative for any technology investment. The guide helps readers understand next-generation revenue management fundamentals, formulate a business case for that investment, prepare the business and utilize critical evaluation tools to select the right technology partner for scale.